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With all the mediocre huge chains, you get tired of sub-par quality. I pay a few extra dollars at Guido's for quality that satisfies my taste buds. Delectable chicken wings. Very high quality pizza, and the ingredients are plentiful. I would recommend, though, sometimes at Guido's they put a little too much cheese on mine.. At the end, amazing pizza, best in Novi.

— Brad J., Novi, MI

So happy Guiidos re-opened!!! Our favorite pizza ever is Da Boss..... and they have wings now !!!! Never had a bad pizza or bad service !!

— ann m., novi, MI


— Charlene K., Novi, MI

My wife and I have been singing the praises of Guido's pizza ever since they opened their doors. With the choice of three flavorful sauces, chunky tomato being our favorite, down the list of all the other quality toppings, how can you not walk away with a quality pie. The owner, Dan, has taken pains to select a manager and crew to bring out the best the Guido's chain has to offer. Stop by, say hello, and enjoy the best pizza in Novi.

— Bob W., Novi, MI